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Concert Info

In a world far away from Wiscansin, join Grammy-winning artist T-Pain for a mind-bending VR concert and catch a vibe while he performs his iconic classic hits and an exclusive new song in this groundbreaking spacial experience.

Song List

Buy U A Drank / That's Just Tips / She's a Vibe* / Bartender

Show Duration

15 Min and 26 Sec

*AmazeVR Exclusive

“From start to finish, this is what a VR concert experience should be. The quality is so crystal clear, the environments are expansive, and there’s cool interactive moments too. Can’t wait for their next one, great job AmazeVR."

— Lazer Kaboom

5 Star VR Experience

“Loved every second of it, super cool I can’t wait for more concerts in the future!"

— Matthew M.

5 Star VR Experience

“This is obviously the future. Nothing like those Youtube 360 concerts. We need more artists to put out content like this! Take my money!"

— Angel

5 Star VR Experience

“The quality of content, the music everything feels so surreal. It has proved that 3Dof still has so much to offer. Eagerly waiting for more Amaze Content."

— Odyssey

5 Star VR Experience

“As someone who is most definitely not part of the target demographic I friggin’ LOVE this. It will become one of the go-to VR experience to be shown to friends & family."

— SirRealDeal

5 Star VR Experience

"Wow! Just wow! I am truly amazed by this experience. It surpassed all my expectation by the quality of the videos and sound. For the first time in a long time I had the feeling of experiencing something from the future. I hope this app become a success because all involved in this project really deserve this."

— Matheus M.

5 Star VR Experience

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Download AmazeVR Concerts on SteamVR
Download AmazeVR Concerts on Meta Quest

Available on

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